Studies of Swami Tilak’s teachings.

Under the inspiration of Swami Tilak, the devotees in Brasilia founded Jnana Mandiram – Temple of Wisdom.
Swami Tilak has traveled dozens of countries talking about Vedanta, yoga, dharma, karma, meditation, etc. Many of his lectures were recorded and gathered, constituting a collection of extreme relevance to truth-seekers. In these studies, we try to understand spirituality in order to apply to one’s life.

Studies of advaita “philosophy”

Advaita means non-dual.

Under this approach, it is considered that everything is a single “thing”, for example: the Universe and God are not different; God and you are not different. By deeply understanding the intrinsic nature of existence, all distinctions are over. The studies are inspired by the teachings from the book I Am It – Conversations with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

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